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On popular microblogging sites, many Chinese openly question whether the country's new credo of accumulating wealth has gone too far. Analysts blame Xi's crackdown on many workers for causing financial pain and say China's biggest lenders must rein in their apparent notions of wealth by abandoning their lavish lifestyles, writes AFP's Jerome Taylor.

The owner of a Beijing gateway factory who owns three thoroughbreds told AFP news agency that horses were a hobby for him. In China you don't need people who know guns, "he told The Washington Post. The booming security industry is reflected in the high number of police and security guards in the Chinese capital, Beijing, Zhou Zhiqiang, the head of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), a former deputy director of the Beijing National Security Bureau, told the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank.

The prices offered in yuan are better than euros and dollars because this type of currency is accepted in all kinds of markets. I recommend using only yuan and buying only in yuan, not in other currencies such as euros or dollars. If you pay more than 200 RMB for a normal quality cotton shirt, you will have to pay in euros or dollars again.

If the price is important to you, the only way to solve this problem is to get a Chinese friend to take you there. If you are a westerner, you should get the best possible price, because many traders would rather lose a sale than have their final price known to tourists.

Other places to visit are the Pudong Market, Caojiadu Market and Shanghai Flower and Bird Market. Spread over three floors of buildings, it is the largest flower and bird market in Shanghai. The first is Padong Market, located in the centre of the city, just a few blocks from the main shopping street.

The Han Chinese consider themselves builders of a modern economy in the desert and mountains, but less so in China's urban areas.

From Hotan to Kashgar, there are masts with perhaps eight or ten video cameras at distances of 100 to 200 meters across the street, a more fine-grained surveillance network than in Beijing. At its peak, China's Central Plains, 600 miles from Beijing, look like a vast network of high-rise apartment buildings in the middle of the desert. But Beijing is just a few hundred meters from the Hulao Pass, which sits at the foot of a high mountain range, China's highest point and the most remote point on the planet. Hulao Pass is an important site where Lu Bu fought during the Three Kingdoms period, as well as the site of one of Beijing's most famous battles.

The first rule of the market is that once you are in, you find that all the linguistic difficulties you had the day before have magically disappeared. Chinese goods, including almost anything you can imagine, can be bought by visitors to this market, especially when it comes to "Chinese goods," including everything from clothing and shoes to food, clothing, jewelry, furniture and almost anything else you can imagine.

Kitchen knives chained to walls and used as weapons can be seen in butchers' shops across Xinjiang. In Kunming, knife attacks in Japan seem to make it as difficult to buy as weapons.

In Shanghai the situation is about the same, but in my opinion the prices in Shanghai are a little higher. Just as in Beijing, tourists in Shanghai should add Hongqiao New World Pearl Market at 3721 Hongmei Lu Yan Lu to their list. Line 2 of the Shanghai subway stops near the Science Museum and is just minutes from the city center, which can be reached by subway.

Luohu Commercial City has it all, while Da Fen Village is a place to go if you want to buy art. One market not to be missed is the Hongqiao New World Pearl Market at 3721 Hongmei Lu Yan Lu. Fake markets exist in China, although they are not exclusively tourist attractions, but are concentrated in different parts of the country. The only market not to be missed is Hongquan, a brand-name market in central Beijing.

With shopping malls, squares and niche markets selling everything under the sun, it can become a problem for tourists to decide to tick a bucket list. If you want to buy something, go to a mall or a store, look for what you want, compare prices, pay the bill or just sit at home and wait for the product to come home. Some tourists try to take home as much space as possible.

In general, China is not a dangerous place at all, but the rules and common sense still apply. Chinese fake markets where you can find everything, here are some rules to avoid coming home to find you've been ripped off.

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More About Xingyang