Xingyang, China

Xingyang in china is a country level city. It is under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou, the capital of henan province, china. It is monsoon –influenced, four seasons humid subtropical climate. Best time to visit Xingyang is in winters.


  • Huancui valley scenic area: Huancui valley consist of various pools such as ‘hama pool’, ‘the rose pool’, ‘the wild boar pool’ and waterfalls such as, the slim beauty waterfall, the triple waterfall and the double dragon waterfall.
  • Jigong Mountain:It is one of the four major summer resort in china. It consists mountain peaks, spring water falls, precious flowers and grass are few of the many factors that makes it a natural scenic spot.
  • Hulao Pass: it is a mountain pass in northwest Xingyang. It is the site of many historical battles, as it was the eastern guard for the capital Luoyang for several dynasties.
  • Dashigu City site: it lies near the Mangshan Mountain and yellow river. It is 4000 years old city which was excavated and has major importance in china’s history. 
  • Bian River:  it is an ancient river located within the borders of china’s Kaifeng city, henan Province. It has now become a tourist spot.


  • Yan MoShiGuang Coffee: it is located on the north street of the antique street.
  • Jin Han Gong: it is located in FanCheng district. You can eat food here with discounted rate. Seafood rice is the most recommended food of the restaurant.
  • Delerium pub:  located inside the Wanda plaza, ground floor. It is a good place to relax and have fun. It provides sitting inside and outside the pub and have variety of beers to drink.
  • Ban QiuShan western restaurant: it’s in wanda indoor pedestrian street. This restaurant provides light meals such as steak, milk tea, claypot rice, fried rice etc.
  • Holiday inn Parkview:  it is located in xingyang road. It has variety of western and Chinese food. With friendly staff there interior is also good.